Siles Plantation it’s a Coffee Farm located in “El Paraiso”, Matagalpa, Nicaragua, it produce high quality coffee protecting the environment and the workers, the farm owners make sure that the farm production is ecological so the farm have organic certification, also they make sure to give to it’s workers the best possible working conditions, ensuring their health, security and a fair trade to them.


The farm it’s located in the mountains and rainforest area of Matagalpa Nicaragua, at an altitude between the 1100 and 1400 meters, this geographic position gives to the coffee beans a good taste in the mouth when it’s consumed, also it’s better for the coffee tree because this altitude protects the tree from plagues and disease that in lower altitudes only can be controlled with chemicals.

Working Conditions

Siles Plantation makes sure that the working conditions are the best, giving the people of the area stable work and a better salary over most farms in the area, the farms respects the laws of the country, the farm facilities have a nursery so every accident and non-severe injuries are treated within the farm and free of cost this nursery is also open for the families of the workers, also we make sure to give the protection equipment and all the facilities have warning signs if there is any danger in the surroundings.

The farm takes care of the health and education of workers and their families very serious, so the farm have a kinder garden for kids, so their parents doesn’t worry about the care of their childrens while they are working, the kids receive meals in the kinder garden, also the teacher gives reinforcement to childrens in school age so they understand everything that receive in the school near the farm, also the farm gives the opportunity to study to the workers of the farm.

The farm empowers the workers specially the women’s to involve in the farm decision so the farm can be improved in many areas, the farm tries to give the best working conditions to its workers this empowerment it’s done trough the Siles Plantation Fair Trade Committee or Siles Plantation Workers Association.

The farm sponsor the farm workers baseball team with uniform and equipment, the team came champions of the preseason 2015.

El Paraiso, Comarca Las Nubes,
Matagalpa, Nicaragua

 Donald Briones

Yamil Castillo 

Marisol Siles